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New Page Added to the Making a Will Section

There is a new page added to the Making a Will section:

What Happens if I Die Without a Will (Intestate)?

With more than two thirds of the UK population not having a will, it’s important to know what would happen should you die intestate.

The reasons to make a will are explained in our page The Importance of Making a Will which explains some of the benefits:

  • Leaving your assets to people YOU choose
  • Ensuring partners/dependants are taken care of
  • Financial considerations (including inheritance tax advice)

Making a will does not have to be costly and you can even do it yourself free of charge (although we recommend at least getting it checked over by a qualified person to ensure it is legally acceptable to avoid any chance of dispute in the future).

There is more information in our How to Make a Will page.

Within the Making a Will section we have related pages which can be useful when making these arrangements.

For instance, Advice on Planning Your Funeral. Whilst no-one likes to think of these things, unfortunately they are a fact of life. It’s best to ensure that your funeral is how you would like it, which will give you peace of mind as well as making life a little bit easier for those who are making the arrangements in the future.

We will be adding more pages soon to the Making a Will section.

How to Make a Will and Other Questions

Our guides are aimed at providing a lot of relevant information and answering your questions.

Within our Making a Will section some of the questions we are addressing include:

  • How to make a will
  • How to change a will
  • What should be included in my will
  • What happens if I die without a will
  • What happens if I die intestate
  • How to choose a funeral plan

Our extra pages also provide advice on wills, advice on funeral planning as well as inheritance tax advice.

The pages within the Making a Will section are:

More information is being added to this section regularly and updates will be posted here on the blog as they happen.

More Pages added to the Making a Will Section

We have added 2 new pages to the Making a Will section on the website. The first is called Executors and Guardians.

An Executor is responsible for arranging the funeral (in conjunction with, or as part of, the family) and then carrying out the terms of the will.

You may appoint Guardians in your will to take responsibility for any of your children who are under the age of majority (18) at the time of the death of yourself or your spouse.

The second page is all about Inheritance Tax.

Planning is very important to avoid paying too much tax in the event of your death. You need to understand the law and we strongly advise that if you think your estate will be valued above the tax thresholds, you consult a professional without delay because Inheritance Tax issues can be complex.

More information will be added soon and this includes:

  • Planning your funeral
  • Pre-paid funerals
  • Paying for your funeral

Update 28th August 2013

We have added another page, Planning Your Funeral, which deals with pre-paid funeral plans, other ways to pay for your funeral, and your funeral wishes.


New Section – Making a Will

making-a-willThe first two pages on our latest section, Making a Will, have now been added to the website.

The first page, The Importance of Making a Will, deals with why you should make a will and what happens if you die intestate (without having made a will).

There are a lot of issues to consider when making a will which can be complicated by family issues and the law.

The second page deals with How to Make a Will. It talks about the different ways that a will can be made, either by yourself, a solicitor or professional will writer.

It examines some of the potential pitfalls of DIY wills and goes on to detail what should be included in a will.

Future Will Making and Funeral Planning Information

We have lots more information to add about making a will together with the associated subject of funeral planning. The main topics to be covered are:

  • funeral planning
  • advice on wills
  • advice on funeral planning
  • planning your funeral
  • funeral costs
  • spreading the cost of a funeral
  • funeral plans
  • inheritance tax advice
  • changing your will
  • choosing a funeral plan

As new pages are added we will be letting visitors know via this blog.