New Page Added to the Making a Will Section

There is a new page added to the Making a Will section:

What Happens if I Die Without a Will (Intestate)?

With more than two thirds of the UK population not having a will, it’s important to know what would happen should you die intestate.

The reasons to make a will are explained in our page The Importance of Making a Will which explains some of the benefits:

  • Leaving your assets to people YOU choose
  • Ensuring partners/dependants are taken care of
  • Financial considerations (including inheritance tax advice)

Making a will does not have to be costly and you can even do it yourself free of charge (although we recommend at least getting it checked over by a qualified person to ensure it is legally acceptable to avoid any chance of dispute in the future).

There is more information in our How to Make a Will page.

Within the Making a Will section we have related pages which can be useful when making these arrangements.

For instance, Advice on Planning Your Funeral. Whilst no-one likes to think of these things, unfortunately they are a fact of life. It’s best to ensure that your funeral is how you would like it, which will give you peace of mind as well as making life a little bit easier for those who are making the arrangements in the future.

We will be adding more pages soon to the Making a Will section.