New Section – Making a Will

making-a-willThe first two pages on our latest section, Making a Will, have now been added to the website.

The first page, The Importance of Making a Will, deals with why you should make a will and what happens if you die intestate (without having made a will).

There are a lot of issues to consider when making a will which can be complicated by family issues and the law.

The second page deals with How to Make a Will. It talks about the different ways that a will can be made, either by yourself, a solicitor or professional will writer.

It examines some of the potential pitfalls of DIY wills and goes on to detail what should be included in a will.

Future Will Making and Funeral Planning Information

We have lots more information to add about making a will together with the associated subject of funeral planning. The main topics to be covered are:

  • funeral planning
  • advice on wills
  • advice on funeral planning
  • planning your funeral
  • funeral costs
  • spreading the cost of a funeral
  • funeral plans
  • inheritance tax advice
  • changing your will
  • choosing a funeral plan

As new pages are added we will be letting visitors know via this blog.