More Pages added to the Making a Will Section

We have added 2 new pages to the Making a Will section on the website. The first is called Executors and Guardians.

An Executor is responsible for arranging the funeral (in conjunction with, or as part of, the family) and then carrying out the terms of the will.

You may appoint Guardians in your will to take responsibility for any of your children who are under the age of majority (18) at the time of the death of yourself or your spouse.

The second page is all about Inheritance Tax.

Planning is very important to avoid paying too much tax in the event of your death. You need to understand the law and we strongly advise that if you think your estate will be valued above the tax thresholds, you consult a professional without delay because Inheritance Tax issues can be complex.

More information will be added soon and this includes:

  • Planning your funeral
  • Pre-paid funerals
  • Paying for your funeral

Update 28th August 2013

We have added another page, Planning Your Funeral, which deals with pre-paid funeral plans, other ways to pay for your funeral, and your funeral wishes.


New Section – Making a Will

making-a-willThe first two pages on our latest section, Making a Will, have now been added to the website.

The first page, The Importance of Making a Will, deals with why you should make a will and what happens if you die intestate (without having made a will).

There are a lot of issues to consider when making a will which can be complicated by family issues and the law.

The second page deals with How to Make a Will. It talks about the different ways that a will can be made, either by yourself, a solicitor or professional will writer.

It examines some of the potential pitfalls of DIY wills and goes on to detail what should be included in a will.

Future Will Making and Funeral Planning Information

We have lots more information to add about making a will together with the associated subject of funeral planning. The main topics to be covered are:

  • funeral planning
  • advice on wills
  • advice on funeral planning
  • planning your funeral
  • funeral costs
  • spreading the cost of a funeral
  • funeral plans
  • inheritance tax advice
  • changing your will
  • choosing a funeral plan

As new pages are added we will be letting visitors know via this blog.

New Mobility Advice Section

Mobility Advice BrochureThe latest section to be added to the website is about Mobility Advice.

This is a work in progress but the first two new pages have now been completed and are online.

These are detailed below:

1. The Motability Scheme

This page covers the main questions asked when people are looking for advice about motability and is broken down into 5 sections:

  • Motability Eligibility Criteria
  • How the Motability Scheme Works
  • Motability Offers You a Better Deal
  • A Choice of Options
  • Car Adaptations

The great thing about the scheme is that it gives you access to worry-free motoring without the financial and practical hassles of owning a car.

2. Homecare Advice for the Disabled

Details of home care for the disabled broken down into the following sections:

  • Homecare Advice
  • What services does a Homecare Agency offer?
  • What happens after you receive an assessment?
  • Finding The Right Homecare Agency

Homecare is often the first choice for people who need help to lead an independent life because the level of care provided is flexible and can enable you to stay in the comfort and security of your own home.

More pages for the Mobility Section of the website will be added soon.

Our Pregnancy Advice and Information

picture of happy mother with baby boyWe are continually expanding the website with fresh information about the various topics we cover in our literature.

One of the topics for which we have lots of useful information is pregnancy.

Pregnancy Advice

This starts with our Pregnancy Advice Guide which deals with confirming your pregnancy and the process of antenatal care.

It gives you a good idea of what to expect and when to expect it. For instance your initial blood test, why it is done and the outcomes depending upon results.

This guide also deals with the ultrasound scans, when they will happen and what you can find out with each one.

There are also details of a number of other tests which you may be offered depending upon your age, family history and current state of health.

Health and Lifestyle

Alongside this guide is a Health and Lifestyle page which details some of the do’s and don’ts of looking after yourself during your pregnancy.

This covers alcohol, drugs, smoking, diet, sex, exercise, folic acid, peanut allergy and travel during pregnancy.

Useful Contacts

If you need help or further advice regarding your pregnancy we have a list of useful contacts detailing organisations that can assist with many different issues that could occur during pregnancy and after baby is born.

More Information

Included within our pregnancy section are other pages dealing with subjects following the birth including:

  • childcare advice
  • illness, first aid and immunisations
  • employment, finances and benefits
  • parenthood advice
  • postnatal depression
  • relationship difficulties

View Our Pregnancy Guide Online

We have a Pregnancy PDF booklet to download online or you can order the paper version. Either way visit our Pregnancy and Parenthood page and choose the area where you are based. This will give you a local guide with advertising that is directly relevant to you and your area.

Welcome to the New Impact on Life Blog

Brochure-CoverWelcome to our new blog which will bring you news from the company, new brochures and information regarding healthcare and related issues.

Here at Impact we provide free, independent advice and information through the HealthCare Media range of literature which contains useful local contacts and further sources of specific information.

Currently we have 12 guides which are available to download in pdf format via this website, a list of which is below.

We also offer these in printed format which are distributed free-of-charge to the public through distributors comprising of doctors surgeries, citizen advice centres, various charities and NHS hospital trusts.

  • Bereavement Support and Advice
  • Independent Healthcare & Education
  • Injury Advice
  • Looking After Your Health
  • Making a Will
  • Mobility
  • Older Persons Care
  • Pregnancy and Parenthood
  • Regaining Your Independence
  • Relationship Breakdown
  • Sight & Hearing
  • Work Related Injuries, Diseases & Employment Issues

With each booklet being very targeted, both in terms of subject and area, they are an ideal vehicle for local advertising. Contact us for rates and packages.

Latest Addition

As well as booklets on the website we are also publishing new pages and articles relating to the topics we cover. The latest page we have added to the website is a guide to arranging a funeral.

This covers the type of funeral available, paying for a funeral, pre-paid funerals and more.