Separation and Relationship Breakdown – New Pages

We have updated a number of pages within our Relationship Breakdown section. The new pages are as follows:

Children and Separation

One out of two relationships today breaks down permanently and in many cases this involves children….

Counselling Advice during/after Separation

Counselling can help you work out your problems – either with your partner or on your own….

Financial Advice During Separation

The financial implications of a divorce or separation are possibly the most serious in terms of the practical and emotional impact on the couple and their children…

Mediation Advice for Couples

Under the new Family Procedure Rules 2010, emphasis is placed on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)…

Protection from Domestic Violence

If you are being physically, mentally or sexually abused by someone you live with, or are being threatened by them, that is domestic abuse or violence…

Useful Contacts for Separation

A list of organisations that can be of use when you are involved in a separation.

Splitting Up when Living Together

If you aren’t married or in a civil partnership, there is nothing to legally tie you to a relationship….

Regaining Your Independence

The next topic we are working on is Regaining your Independence which will feature the following content:

Continuing Care
Advice on Continuing Care
Continuing Care after a stay in hospital
Being Discharged to a care home
Advice on Being Discharged to a care home
support for mental health issues
support for learning disabilities
Advice on community alarm services
community alarm services
Palliative Care
Live in Care
Advice on Palliative Care
Advice on Live in Care
Home Help
Support at Home
Homecare Advice
Care and support around the home
Advice on Living independently

Pages will be added soon and links posted on this blog.