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What Is Bereavement Support and Advice And Where Can You Get It?

Going through any grief is challenging. You may be experiencing a range of emotions, from anger to sadness.

Getting the proper bereavement support and advice is essential during times like these. This help can assist with making various practical arrangements and achieving a form of closure. It ensures you do everything you need to do and get support during what is otherwise a difficult time.

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What Does Bereavement Support Assist With?

Bereavement support is a comprehensive service that helps with the administration and emotions associated with a loved one’s death. The goal is to make your circumstances more manageable in this time of grief.

For instance, bereavement support can liaise with funeral directors to help arrange the funeral. This assistance takes care of the details so you can get relief from organising everything yourself. Services can also answer questions about cemeteries and crematoria, letting you see your options more clearly. This information can help you make the best choice for the deceased in line with their wishes and those of the wider family.

Bereavement support often includes information on solicitors who can administer the estate and deal with will-related difficulties. These professionals can assist you with the probate process and ensure beneficiaries receive their entitled assets. Financial advisers are also critical in this process, letting you see how the will divides between you, your siblings, and anyone else named in the documents.

Another function of bereavement support services is to offer various care choices after a loved one passes away. These include counselling, therapy, and other advice to assist you through emotionally challenging times. It can be helpful to get advice and information on how other people have dealt with grief in the past and the healthiest way to process it.

Support with other minor details is also available. For instance, bereavement support can arrange hotel or function venues, organise caterers, liaise with florists, and help contact monumental masons for professionally designing and placing headstones.

How To Access Bereavement Support

Knowing what to do after the death of a loved one and administering their estate is challenging. However, accessing bereavement support is straightforward.

Impact on Life offers a comprehensive 36-page guide on the process you need to follow to reduce stress. It contains information on end-of-life care, what to do immediately after a loved one dies, and how to go about funeral arrangements. It also has guidance on registering a death, the differences between burial and cremation, pre-paid funeral plans, locating the will, and what’s included in the estate. Finally, the guide gives instructions on inheritance tax, dealing with estate agents, and coping with grief and loss.

To access the guide, please visit Impact on Life’s Bereavement Support And Advice page. The details are comprehensive. For example, the guide advises on what to do if someone dies abroad or how to access occupational pensions that promise to pay a lump sum.