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Company Profile

The company was formed in 1985 and commenced trading as an Advertising Agency providing a full marketing service to a range of businesses in the East Midlands.

A direct staff level of ten provided a service to a variety of businesses from manufacturers to retail all served with a range of services, including marketing consultancy, advertising design and placement, exhibition services, public relations, direct marketing, print, point of sale, telemarketing and market research.

In 1988 the company introduced a diversification of it's services to include the role of publishers. Producing and distributing target readership titles into specific markets.

In 1990 the company was appointed by the Southern Derbyshire Health Authority to publish its patient information literature, taking on the role of agent in the capacity of negotiator for the sales of advertising space within the literature and publisher in the capacity of publication production.

By 2011 the company represented over one hundred different Trusts throughout the country in the capacity of publishers of patient information literature. Produces a range of twenty healthcare media titles published annually for distribution throughout 8,089 GP Practices.

A structure of three divisions of operation exists:

  • Marketing Consultants
  • Full Market Services
  • Publishing Service

A Division of Impact