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Counselling Advice during/after Separation

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Counselling can help you work out your problems - either with your partner or on your own. One of the most commonly known relationship counselling services is Relate - a national, registered charity with over 60 years' experience in helping people with all aspects of their couple relationships. Relate offers a range of services that you might find useful in the event of a relationship breakdown.

In many areas, Relate also offers counselling for young people whose parents are separating. Relate does not offer legal, financial or medical advice.

You can find contact details for your nearest Relate centre by looking in the Phone Book or Yellow Pages, or by visiting their website at

Private counselling services offer a quick & efficient approach with an immediate appointment system.


Sometimes couples separate but don't divorce, perhaps for religious reasons. They may still wish to reach a settlement about financial and children's issues but can't access the court without divorce proceedings. In those circumstances it is possible for the couple to enter into a Separation Deed setting out the terms which have been agreed. If there are later divorce proceedings, the terms of the deed can be transferred to a legally binding court order.

It is also possible for couples who don't want to divorce but do want to obtain a legally binding court order reflecting their financial settlement, to Judicially Separate. This is a procedure akin to divorce, which results in a decree of Judicial Separation from the Court but doesn't actually end the marriage.

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