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Bereavement Support & Advice

In the event of bereavement, grief and personal distress may make it hard to deal with urgent practical matters and formalities. Please use our website to find the help you may need with:

What to do after a death

  1. Medical Certificate Confirming Cause Of Death
  2. Arranging a Funeral
  3. What Happens At The Register Office
  4. The Death Certificate
  5. Post-mortem
  6. The Coroner
  7. Burial Or Cremation
  8. What Type Of Service?
  9. Flowers Or Donations?
  10. Press Notices And Obituaries
  11. Headstones And Remembrance
  12. Paying For A Funeral
  13. Pre-paid Funerals
  14. Other Practicalities
  15. Organ Donation

Wills and Probate

  1. Finding The Will
  2. The Estate
  3. Inheritance Tax

Advice and Counselling

  1. Coping With Your Grief And Loss
  2. Child Bereavement
  3. Useful Contacts
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